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Arctic Combat Hack – Aimbot, Radar & More

arctic combat complete hack toolSince there were many requests, we created one of our classic Complete hacks. The Arctic Combat Complete Hack basically aims to offer all that you need in order to succeed in this game. You will always be able to top the rankings, just as in the screenshot to the right. We are pretty proud of this hack because of the features we managed to include.

Arctic Combat Hack Features:

  • Completely Undetectable (100% guarantee)
  • Gold Aimbot (auto aim, auto fire, FPS prediction, hard lock and more)
  • Gold Trigger Bot (fire delay, max distance and more)
  • Gold Radar (available in 3D and 2D including ESP and more)
  • Customizable colors for easy detection of enemies
  • Automatic warnings when you are in range of an enemy
  • Various added crosshairs
  • Customizable game window positioning for radar
  • Save settings and load past saved settings
  • Full GUI in-game
  • Anti Cheat Detector – you will know when your enemies use an aimbot

How to use the Arctic Combat Complete hack:

  1. Download the complete hack tool from below by following the simple steps
  2. Extract the files inside
  3. Copy them to the main folder where your game is installed
  4. Run the hack tool
  5. Click INJECT
  6. Leave the hack open
  7. Open the game
  8. When playing press SHIFT+H to bring up the GUI
  9. Select all features and modify settings according to your wishes
  10. Click Save
  11. Close the GUI
  12. Have fun making points and EXP

How to download the Hack Tool:


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Thoughts on “Arctic Combat Hack – Aimbot, Radar & More”

  1. simply extract the first flt-reme with winrar,extract it with ultra iso,setup.exe.

  2. I downloaded the first version of AoE2-HD (skidrow) when it was released and i have never got this game to work. I have Win XP-SP3 with all updates installed. I then downloaded the v2.5 patch hoping it would fix it,it hasn’t,same application error message (the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click to terminate application.

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